Echo is pleased to be in a formal strategic alliance with Indy Premier.

What is the Alliance?

The Echo/Indy Premier alliance allows the two clubs to work closely together, sharing an identity and resources.

How Does it Work?

Echo players can continue to train locally while having access to expanded playing and training opportunities.

Shared Resources

The clubs will share a joint player pool (15U+), training themes, programming, facilities, best practices, and more!

Some of the most technical players come from Echo

"When you look at the state of Indiana over the last 4-6 years some of the most technical players have come from Echo, and that is one of the reasons we wanted to partner with Echo. 

They are willing to help players in being able to express themselves on the field and not just be robotic.  It means there will be many mistakes but they understand there is a process and they are willing to go through it to make a quality player at ages 15/16/17."


Kenrick Ramirez

Indy Premier

Girls DOC

Indy Premier is a club we have always admired

"We are thrilled to align our club with Indy Premier and welcome all of their leadership, staff, coaches, players, and parents to the Echo family.  Indy Premier is a club we have always admired for its organizational excellence, player development focus, and great culture.

As we have worked with Indy Premier over the past several months, it has become apparent that our clubs share much in common and can be stronger by working together.  We look forward to a long and productive alliance with Indy Premier."


Ryan Milligan

Michiana Echo


Alliance Benefits

Some of the benefits of the Indy Premier alliance include:

  • A pathway to elite national play through Girls Academy League and Elite Academy League
  • Increased access to high level playing opportunities such as exclusive tournaments
  • A shared player pool
  • Increased coaching education and materials, such as themes, curricula, and session plans
  • Sharing of facilities
  • Exchanging information about players and playing opportunities
  • Collaborating on best practices
  • A common identity
  • More!



DOC Comments on
The Alliance

This puts both parties ideals into motion

"Michiana Echo is an organization that shares the same core values as Indy Premier.  We strongly believe in organizations working together, sharing resources for the betterment of all players across the state.  

This partnership puts both parties’ ideals into motion. Echo is a savvy and thoughtful organization, and in conversations about this partnership have made Indy Premier better.  Personally I have been working with Omar for several years and I can't wait to be working with him daily."


Kenrick Ramirez

Indy Premier

Girls DOC

Alliance 3

This is a tremendous opportunity

"I'm very excited about the partnership we are forming with Indy Premier. Over the last year we've had the opportunity to host some Indy Premier players and also send a few players to attend some of their showcases and training sessions. These players had nothing but positive things to say about their experience.

Having the opportunity to work alongside a staff that shares a similar culture is what excites me the most. Indy Premier is a well known organization in the state who focus on developing the entire individual and not just the soccer player and that's what attracts me the most.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the kids in the Michiana area and I want to personally thank Kenrick and his staff for making this a smooth transition and we look forward to growing the soccer community in a positive way."

Omar Echo Jacket

Omar Gallo

Michiana Echo