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Order Echo uniforms, warm-ups, and spirit wear at your convenience at our online store.


As an Echo member, you will receive benefits such as a free Goal Club membership, 10% discount on non-logo items, and free shipping on orders $100+.

Uniform Cycle

The 2019/2020 season will be year 2 of our 2 year uniform cycle.  Keep this in mind when making purchasing decisions.


Team Store

Echo has teamed up with Adidas and to give you unrestricted access to uniform and spirit wear ordering.  Simply click on the link below to order.

Whether you are ordering a new uniform kit, an Echo backpack or warm up, or a replacement pair of socks, you can do it anytime at

You will also receive the following benefits from  a free Goal Club Membership, 10% off every order (not including uniforms or spirit wear), cash back rewards, exclusive discounts, and free shipping to your home on every order over $99. 

Echo Navy Uniform

Uniform Info

To order uniforms, you must visit the team store and select your child's team and name.  Ordering will be available shortly after registration.

Echo is on a four-year uniform cycle with Adidas that began in the fall of 2018.  You will be required to purchase a new kit every two years.

Our kit includes 1 navy jersey, 1 white jersey, 1 sky blue jersey (practice/game alternate), one pair of navy shorts, navy socks, and white socks.  The total cost of the kit is approximately $125 for youth kits and $135 for adult kits.

With 4 seasons of use, the kit cost averages out to about $33/season.  Goalies must also purchase a goalkeeping jersey.  All additional spirit wear purchases, such as warm ups, backpacks, hoodies, and the like are optional.

Customer Service

For customer service inquiries, you can contact directly at 800-967-8326 or  Please provide your order number or customer ID.

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