Life Skills Focus

Life Skills Focus

Seasonal Theme

Echo's Life Skills focus for the season is Respect.  Kids will learn about respecting the game, parents, officials, and others.

Community Service

Echo has a community service requirement to teach children life skills and the value of service as well as build a sense of community.

Club Service

Echo also has a club volunteer requirement to help build community in the club, model service for our children, and to help keep fees low.

Seasonal Theme:  Respect

The game of soccer is an excellent vehicle for teaching important life lessons.  We are deliberate about incorporating these lessons into soccer activities to complement great parenting.  View our Echo Life Skills Respect Summary.


Respect Officials.

  • We cannot play without officials and have no control over bad calls, so we will not DISSENT WITH OR YELL AT officials and instead will focus on what we can control
  • Players focus on your effort and attitude
  • Coaches focus on modeling good behavior and helping your team learn from adversity
  • Parents focus on cheering positively for the players

Respect Players.

  • We will acknowledge players for their ATTITUDE AND EFFORT
  • Players encourage your teammates with positive words and compete hard and clean against opponents
  • Coaches greet players by name and recognize and reward them for attitude and effort
  • Parents cheer good play by both teams and keep it positive on the sidelines

Respect Coaches.

  • We will appreciate coaches for the time they dedicate to TEACHING our children soccer skills and life skills
  • Players pay attention when your coach is talking
  • Coaches treat opposing coaches well and shake hands after the game
  • Parents avoid coaching from the sidelines because it is confusing to players and stifles creativity

Respect Parents.

  • We will show gratitude to parents for SUPPORTING our players and their love for the game of soccer
  • Players thank your parents for everything they do to support you
  • Coaches communicate well and often with parents, focusing on process and development
  • Parents take responsibility to create positive culture on your team’s sideline

Community Service

Serving our community is an important part of Echo’s culture and values.  

To teach our children the value and fulfillment of serving others along with important life skills, Echo requires each team to participate in a community service project once per season.

For ideas or to share about your service projects, please contact our administrator at  

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Club Service

Echo requires that each family registered with the club must provide at least five (5) hours of service to the club during the seasonal year for each child registered with the club.  This service requirement applies to all Echo programs at the travel and Rec+ levels. Some examples of service opportunities are:

  • Coach/assistant coach
  • Team Manager
  • Social Coordinator
  • Game Day Coordinator
  • Field setup/maintenance
  • Fundraising
  • Special Events

RESPECT /rəˈspekt/ have due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others