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What is Kickoff Week?

The kickoff to Echo's seasonal year, which gives our kids and families a chance to have fun while getting to know teammates.

4v4 Tourney

Echo players from academy to 14U will play in a free club-wide 4v4 tourney with a unique championship format.

Fundraise with Purpose

Register to participate in our peer-to-peer fundraiser and earn credit against your tuition.

Kickoff Week Info

Kickoff week gives Echo players and families a chance to play soccer, meet and interact with other Echo players and families, and have a great time!  Kickoff Week will feature the following events:

  • 4v4 tourney (Monday/Wednesday for girls, Tuesday/Thursday for boys):  Players will participate in a 4v4 tourney on teams that are mixed by team and age group with a unique champions field format.  Parents are welcome to attend!
  • Meet and Greet with Echo team:  Players will meet their coach and team and participate in a fun activity.
  • Parent Meetings:  Learn more about our club at parent meetings.
  • Fundraising for tuition credits:  see info below.
  • Fun and bonding with other Echo players with Futboleros and Food Trucks!
  • The season kickoff for TOPSoccer

Kickoff Week is the first official week of practice and there is no extra charge but participation is required.  Scroll down for a complete schedule.

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Fundraiser with Purpose!

All players throughout the club (including our high school players) can participate in Echo's peer-to-peer fundraiser to earn tuition credit and prizes!

  • Click the register button below to visit our fundraising page.
  • Select "Join Now" and create an account (select your Echo team when you create your account).
  • You will receive a link to your own fundraising page along with tools to share your page by email and social media.
  • There is no cost to register and it takes only a couple of minutes.
  • Share your fundraising page with family and friends and begin raising funds!
  • Each player will receive a non-refundable tuition credit for 25% of the funds you raise for Echo.  For example, if you raise $1,000, you will receive a $250 tuition credit.
  • Remaining funds will go towards first aid kits, facilities, TOPSoccer, and scholarships.
  • The top fundraising team will receive free Adidas warmup tops from Echo.
  • Other prizes will be awarded as well.

Sign up now to help support your club!


The Kickoff Week will be published to this page as it approaches.


TOPSoccer Event

TOPSoccer is Echo's award-winning program for athletes with disabilities.  Our TOPS players are valuable members of the Echo community and an important part of our Kickoff Week!

Come support our TOPS players every Friday night during the season as they get in on the fun with unique training and games.  At the same time, you can see what the program is about, teach your children valuable life skills, and maybe even get involved with the program!

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