RTP Updates

Status of Play

The fall season will start for all teams on the week of August 24 under Phase 2 Guidelines.


Echo is currently operating under Phase 2 guidelines, which allow competition with physical distancing measures.


Scroll down for RTP resources like TeamSnap Health Check, Echo RTP procedures, videos, and more.


Summary of Phase 2 Guidelines

Following is a summary of Phase 2 guidelines that are currently in place for the fall season. Please review the Resources below for further information. Failure to abide by these guidelines constitutes a violation of Echo's Code of Conduct and may result in disciplinary action.     

Pre-Event Screening.  Prior to each training session or game, you must pre-screen using the TeamSnap Health Check. Your status is available only to coaches and administrators and is only stored for 90 days. More information can be found by clicking here.      

COVID-19 Exposure.  If you have tested positive for COVID or have been in close contact with someone who has, you must notify Echo and may not attend Echo events until cleared by a physician or produce a negative result. Players will not be identified, but teams will be notified as needed regarding cases affecting their team.  

Drop Off/Pick Up.  The drop off and pick up procedures from the spring/summer remain in place.  Please review the Echo Phase 1 procedures video below if you are new to the club or did not participate this past season.   

Players.  Players must (a) wear a mask to and from the fields; (b) maintain social distancing whenever possible; (c) utilize yellow and white painted dots for equipment and staging; (d) keep hand sanitizer with them and regularly sanitize; (e) not share equipment, touch coaching equipment, or share water or snacks; and (e) use the restroom only for emergencies.  

Parents.  Parents must (a) wear a mask to and from the fields and when moving around; (b) remain in their vehicles for training; and (c) utilize physical distancing dots when attending games.  

Modified Schedules.  We have modified the training schedules to ensure all teams can practice at the same facility while reducing traffic at the fields. There will be no fall club-wide tournament, but the club will sponsor two tournaments for all teams in the spring.


Financial Policies

Our Club Transfer and Refund policy states that with limited exceptions "players who register for a Michiana Echo travel team or training opportunity will NOT be granted a refund of player fees, uniform costs, or training fees." Refunds will not be issued due to COVID-19 circumstances that are out of our control.

We cannot predict how the season will go, but will continue to evaluate conditions to provide the best soccer experience possible while ensuring the safety of our players. For many reasons, expenses may actually be higher than they are during a normal season. We will continue to be mindful of providing good value for your investment.

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